The Art of Poetry

INTERVIEWER Your work includes a great range of experience, as well as of form. What do you think is the greatest quality a poet can have? Is it formal, or is it a quality of thinking? POUND I don’t know that you can put the needed qualities in hierarchic order, but he must have

People, the Project under construction

"People" is a project slowly developed, ten people painted directly one by one, working on them for weeks and months. The first picture was painted three years ago, only two completed and four in process. I do not know who will be the next model, all of them are family or friends of mine,

Avila Exhibition 2014

The exhibition contains 40 paintings, 13 engravings, six sculptures and photography, and will be open until 13th September. Teachers are Antonio López García, Julio López, María Moreno, Paco Lopez, Isabel Quintanilla, Clara Gangutia, Laffón Carmen, José María Mosque, José Hernández, Fernando Bellver, Ouka Lele and Guillermo Pérez Villalta. Students are Pedro Quesada, Pablo Carnero,

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